One/Two [Punks]


One/Two [Punks]
Artists Left/Right, Dread MC, Bodyblow
Genres Breaks
Release Date 2019-02-22
Label Punks
Catalog # PUNKS154

Two of the scenes most prolific antiheroes, Left/Right & Dread Mc have engulfed the scene in recent history with a tsunami of fresh cuts that are always driving the scene forward.

Teaming up with Dallas freshman Bodyblow, this latest bass conquest might just be their most notorious expedition to date.
Dread's no nonsense vibes here set the tone nicely for the onslaught of thundering drums, deep subby bass and Left/Rights signature palette of minor key atmospherics.

Texas has fired another warning shot across the throats of the bass world with this one, they're coming correct in 2019.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
One/Two (Original Mix)
Left/Right, Dread MC, Bodyblow


128 BPM



-- 1 -- 24


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