Our Sound [ElRow Music]


Our Sound [ElRow Music]
Artists Leon, Pirupa
Genres Tech House
Release Date 2019-01-04
Label ElRow Music
Catalog # ERM147

Happy New Year! 2019 has just begun but we, at elrow Music, want to keep up the pace and the good vibes flowing with our music from the very beginning. That's why we've summoned two big names in the scene to start our year in full force.

Pirupa & Leon have teamed up to deliver this ERM 147, that goes by the name of 'Our Sound EP'. The two-tracker opens with 'Our Sound (Original Mix)', a track that starts with a very playful percussion, but soon becomes a trippy and organic affair, thanks to the atmosphere created by the organs, the synth melodies and the deep vocals. A true dancefloor killer.

'Now Walk (Original Mix)' is a complete different affair. It starts in full force with a perfectly recognizable techy progression and continues with an interesting vocal line. But make no mistake, this is a straight dancefloor breaker, with almost no melodies and both percussion and FX heavy. All in all, a great deliver by the Italian duo, that sets the bar high for the rest of this 2019. Challenge accepted! Stay tuned!

'Our Sound' and 'Now Walk' are written by Di Gianvito Piero & Di Gianvito Ruggero, produced by Pirupa & Leon, published by Loose Club Edition.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Our Sound (Original Mix)
Leon, Pirupa

Tech House

125 BPM



51 13 -- --
Now Walk (Original Mix)
Leon, Pirupa

Tech House

125 BPM



88 21 -- --



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Days Top 100 9

Top 100 Tech House

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