Play 2092 [Hardcore Energy]


Play 2092 [Hardcore Energy]
Artists Acen
Genres Breaks
Release Date 2019-05-10
Label Hardcore Energy
Catalog # HE002

After the run-away success of debut release 'The Friction EP' by Origin8a & Propa with wide 'across the board' support from CamelPhat, Disciples, Rudimental, Slipmatt, Dillinja and many more. New label Hardcore Energy proudly present their second single 'Play 2092', from Acen, a bonafide old skool legend, and a true pioneer of the original early 90s Hardcore sound.

'Play 2092' is the first new music released by Acen in 15 years, with previous single 'Dirty Raver' dropping back in 2004 on TCR.

On lead track 'Play 2092 (Part 1)' Acen updates his classic Hardcore sound with a futuristic twist. Get ready for a classic ravey vocal hook, crazy synths, super slick production, and crisp breakbeats.

On the flip 'Play 2092 (Part 2)' Acen switches up the vibe and moves into the dark side. Those who like their rave music tougher, will love this!

Acen released his first hit 'Close Your Eyes' on the infamous Production House label 1991, which instantly became a hardcore breakbeat anthem, and Music Week's Dance Single of the Year.

More seminal cuts soon followed such as the 'Trip II the Moon' trilogy, 'Window In The Sky' and his debut album '75 Minutes' in 1994.

'Trip II the Moon' is Acen's landmark release from 1992. All 3 versions (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) remain seminal defining Hardcore anthems, with enduring popularity that has lasted for almost 30 years.

Keep a close eye on Hardcore Energy for more fresh updates on classic UK rave vibes!

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Play 2092 (Part 1)


142 BPM



-- 57 -- --
Play 2092 (Part 2)


142 BPM



-- 51 -- --



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