Raw Edits Vol. 2 [Saved Records]


Raw Edits Vol. 2 [Saved Records]
Artists Gene Farris, Alex Under, Riva Starr, Ron Costa, Miguel Bastida, Sante Sansone, DJ Roland Clark
Genres Tech House
Release Date 2015-10-02
Label Saved Records
Catalog # SAVED128

The always unpredictable and wildly creative Riva Starr returns to Saved Records for the second installment of his Raw Edits EP. Once again delving into an eclectic soundscape that references a plethora of genres, styles and tempos, Riva highlights why is the master of the edit yet again.

First up, Riva settles into addictive dubby atmospheres whilst splicing together the gospel vocals of Roland Clark's 'President House' with the energetic groove of Sante Sansone's 'Groove Vibration.' Thick swabs of bass pulsate between jackin' beats which build and build throughout the track, mirroring the escalation of the impassioned vocals that bellow out over the top.

Setting off to work on Alex Under's 'Hacer La Compra' Riva gives a demonstration on the workings of nailing a subtle edit. Staying true to the original, he keeps things relatively stripped back to begin with, allowing jangling synths to flutter over fluid bass and quick percussion. That sense of swinging funk is then opened up by brilliant use of distorted FX, woozing keys and syncopating electronics.

With his edit of Gene Farris' 'Welcome To Chicago' and Ron Costa's remix of Miguel Bastida's 'Ketanima' Rivaa digs into deep, dubby textures reminiscent of the heyday of Chicago house. Built around warm pads, melodic synths and surges of deep bass, the track has a laidback vibe but powered by a distinctly underground momentum.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
House Nation (Riva Starr Edit)
Riva Starr, Sante Sansone, DJ Roland Clark

Tech House

125 BPM



12 3 -- --
Hacer La Compra (Riva Starr Edit)
Alex Under, Riva Starr

Tech House

126 BPM



-- -- -- --
Chicago Song (Riva Starr Edit)
Gene Farris, Riva Starr, Ron Costa, Miguel Bastida

Tech House

125 BPM



-- 32 -- --



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