The Remixers, Pt. 1 "Los Americanos" [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]


The Remixers, Pt. 1
Artists Ovnimoon, Magnus, Holon, Champa, Mentalogic
Genres Psy-Trance
Release Date 2015-12-04
Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Catalog # YSEDEP051

YSE Digital presents:

"Los Americanos" is Champa's 1st part of a very special 3 stage remixers E.P., "Part 1" including his connection to the North & South of America.

Starting with Magnus from the U.S.A. This Trance legend has been around for a number of years working for Perfecto Fluoro, JOOF, Pharmacy & Discover records labels. Magnus has made Champa's -"Stay" A full to the floor PsyTtrance stomper with no holding back, this groover will have you moving to the beat.

The second delight is from Chilean Psy Trance producer Ovnimoon. What more can we say from one of the greatest progressive Psy Trance projects in South America. His remix remix of Champa & Mentalogic's - "My Order" from Champa's 2nd album (Champa -"Tiger") Is a masterful piece of ingenuity. Deep basslines and driving elements keep you hooked all the way.

Last but not least is Mexican's finest export HOLON. A.K.A. "Mr. Hisrav" & Member of long standing live act "In Lak Ech". Watch out as he takes us on his wild, trippy and chaotic journey of "New Stars Are Born" from Champa's first album (My Son).

Keep your ears open for Champa - The Remixers E.P. Part 2 "The European Triangle".


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Stay (Magnus Remix)
Magnus, Champa


93 BPM



-- -- -- --
My Order (Ovnimoon Remix)
Ovnimoon, Champa, Mentalogic


145 BPM



-- 95 -- --
New Stars Are Born (Holon Remix)
Holon, Champa


144 BPM



-- -- -- --


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