THE TAPE SERIES 1&2 [Phil Kieran Recordings]


THE TAPE SERIES 1&2 [Phil Kieran Recordings]
Artists Phil Kieran
Genres Electronica / Downtempo, Techno
Release Date 2014-12-01
Label Phil Kieran Recordings
Catalog # PKRD025

Imagine . you find a box of lost tapes; at the back of an old attic in a large shoebox, dusty. What could they be? Youve heard all the stories: Cans Lost Tapes, Princes Black Album, Aphex Twins Caustic Window will it be that good? Will it be something the music world is waiting to hear? There are ten of them, simply marked: Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3, . you turn them over in your hand wondering what they could be. It takes you a few days to beg, borrow or steal a working tape recorder, anticipation building. You line them up in order and sit down reverentially in front of the one speaker and press play. Out from that speaker comes the best damn dance music youve ever heard. Its like 1994 and 2014 and 2034 all rolled into one with an irrepressible beat and catchy hooks. Youve been waiting for music like this all your life.

The Tape Series is Phil Kierans modern day nod back to his past, with one eye on the future, with samples and percussive influences gleaned from a youth spent feverishly collecting records, and clubbing. A large batch of records was boxed up by his Dad long ago and placed in the back of the attic which have only come to light now. Listening to them again Phil was overcome with the memories and bursting with ideas and inspiration. Using mainly 1970s synths, old valve amps and recording on reel to reel tapes in his Belfast studio Phil brings forth his vast musical knowledge and awareness of the dance floor to creating music which is at once of its past, current and timeless, with all the warmth and boundless enthusiasm of the early dance scene.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
TAPE 1 (Original Mix)
Phil Kieran


125 BPM



-- -- -- --
TAPE 2 (Original Mix)
Phil Kieran

Electronica / Downtempo

125 BPM



-- 92 -- --



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