These Roads [Unreleased Digital]


These Roads [Unreleased Digital]
Artists Chris Reece
Genres Progressive House
Release Date 2013-12-02
Label Unreleased Digital
Catalog # UDR220

CHRIS REECE heads on to a new musical direction with this new release on our imprint.
For over 10 years, Unreleased Digital label honcho Chris has stood as a marquee for quality music that breaks down barriers, while keeping eager listeners on the edge of their seat.
THESE ROADS keeps his momentum going and provides perpetual excitement. With hot slice keys, this iconic and uplifting anthem sound and thick bass-lines the track emerges an undoubtedly danceable and addictive atmosphere, while divulging into a provocative breakdown accompanied with a cinematic synth melody.
iTunes exclusively contains radio edit.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
These Roads (Original Mix)
Chris Reece

Progressive House

127 BPM



-- 80 -- --


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