Typical Things [Innerground]


Typical Things [Innerground]
Artists Calibre
Genres Drum & Bass
Release Date 2019-05-03
Label Innerground
Catalog # INN093

Calibre is a name known to all in Drum & Bass as one of the pinnacles of the genre. It's impossible to venture into a club and not hear one of his seminal tracks being played, and with this latest addition to his Innerground repertoire the good times are still coming.

Kicking things off with "Typical Things", we go back in time to the iconic sounds of the Musique Concrete album. The track switches quickly after opening with a drizzle of cascading keys and minimal percussion before launching headfirst into a pulsating and invigorating combination of basslines and breaks.

"Simple Sa" is more deliberate in its advances and spares no time in getting to the heart of the matter after some truly deft piano work and vocal sample layering. "Simple Sa" is almost tailor-made for a DJ Marky set as it ebbs and flows with an undeniable funk and deep vibe throughout.

Calibre's attention to his craft is what makes him one of the most sought after producers on the planet, and "Typical Things / Simple Sa" is a testament to his enduring abilities. Smooth, sultry and truly of the highest Calibre.

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Typical Things (Original Mix)

Drum & Bass

115 BPM



-- 12 -- --
Simple Sa (Original Mix)

Drum & Bass

86 BPM



-- 59 -- --



Top 100

Days #1 0
Days Top 10 11
Days Top 100 36

Top 100 Drum & Bass

Days #1 0
Days Top 10 20
Days Top 100 86