Waiting For A Remix [Multi Culti]


Waiting For A Remix [Multi Culti]
Artists Audion, Red Axes, Abrão, Moscoman, Manfredas , Von Party
Genres Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Techno
Release Date 2016-10-03
Label Multi Culti
Catalog # MC017

Red Axes's massive 'Waiting For a Surprise' gets a fresh set of remixes from heavy hitters Audion, Moscoman, Manfredas and Multi Culti label-man Thomas Von Party.

The jewel in the crown of Israel's underground music scene, Red Axes have produced a steady stream of hits on labels like Permanent Vacation, I'm A Cliché, Crosstown Rebels, and the freaky all-inclusive Multi Culti, where they dropped what became, somewhat surprisingly, their biggest hit to date with Waiting For a Surprise. The dark, stripped down disco bomb had one of the most memorable hooks of the year in singer Abrao's staccato chorus, a late night voodoo incantation that was always begging to be remixed.

The globally-minded, non-tempo-specific label ventures further into big-room techno territory than ever before, calling on resurrected techno god Audion, hot of the release of his incredible album Alpha, and he delivers HUGE with a driving, trancey dance floor destroyer.

Next up, fellow Tel Avivian Moscoman, directs his hot hands to his guitar, strumming along with the original's bass-line, mellowing things slightly, stretching out the hooks and adding layers of funky percussion and flourishes.

Lithuanian bad-boy Manfredas, who apparently delayed the package by some 3 months, weighs in with an incredibly dope, hook-filled revision. Cult favourite!

Finally, label A&R Thomas Von Party joins forces with the Axes on a hybrid electro-psych-surf adventure that swims right out into the sunset.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Waiting For A Surprise (Audion's Magic Carpet Remix)
Audion, Red Axes, Abrão


122 BPM



-- 89 -- --
Waiting For A Surprise (Moscoman Remix)
Red Axes, Abrão, Moscoman

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

117 BPM



-- 22 -- --
Waiting For A Surprise (Manfredas Remix)
Red Axes, Abrão, Manfredas

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

114 BPM



-- 59 -- --
Waiting For A Surprise (Von Party vs Red Axes Remix)
Red Axes, Abrão, Von Party

Indie Dance / Nu Disco

118 BPM



-- 69 -- --



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