What I Am (REMIXED) [Tytanium Recordings (CH)]


What I Am (REMIXED) [Tytanium Recordings (CH)]
Artists Magnus, Sean Tyas, Julie Thompson, Bryan Kearney
Genres Trance
Release Date 2012-12-10
Label Tytanium Recordings (CH)
Catalog # TY007

Sean Tyas heads down a new variation of his melodic sound, opting for much more chunk & groove as opposed to his machine gun fire basslines that had become a big part of his signature sound.

Joining forces with the beautiful voice & lyrics of Julie Thompson, "What I Am" is poised to be one of the vocal anthems of 2012.

Bryan Kearney brings his trademark techno infused blend of trance that he is so well known for, and even reaching back into 90s retro territory with a piano riff to take you right back there...

And in a completely new twist, the Magnus Remix takes you over to a Psy world of twisted rhythms and sounds he has becoming so well known for over the past several years, using the vocal more as an effect than a top line....


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
What I Am (Bryan Kearney Remix)
Sean Tyas, Julie Thompson, Bryan Kearney


135 BPM



-- 15 -- --
What I Am (Magnus Remix)
Magnus, Sean Tyas, Julie Thompson


132 BPM



-- 29 -- --


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